Visit Agra – Short Guide and Quick Tips For a Trip to Agra

Visit Agra: Travel tips to the land of the Taj Mahal

India has a diverse set of options as a tourist destination from historical sites to warm, sandy beaches to refreshingly cool hill stations. But for the tourist who is into history, then a must-visit is the Delhi, Agra, Jaipur region. But given the paucity of time and a multitude of sites within this region, it is necessary to be thoroughly informed and prepared and to plan well in advance.

Agra, the land of the Taj Mahal is one of India’s foremost heritage cities. But Agra is also (in)famous for its touts and conmen who dupe tourists daily. Adequate preparation and planning is required not to fall into the clutches of these touts and conmen.

The length of a visit to Agra depends on whether the traveler wants to restrict his or her trip to the Taj Mahal alone or visit all the other historical sites in the vicinity, including Fatehpur Sikri. It also depends on the kind of shopping that has been planned as part of the trip.

Most places are well connected and a wealth of information is available, so the decision to hire a guide, is left to the tourist who is seeking additional information or a quick tour through Agra. It is advisable to go to government approved guides and not to engage with touts.
No trip is complete without sampling the local cuisine and here again, it is essential that the tourist visits restaurants and eateries, which are renowned and clean.

Agra is best visited in the winters and makes a nice weekend getaway from New Delhi. The place has a lot of history, great cuisine and some well known hotels for short vacations.

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